This is the last of the painful poems, I promise. But it has important ideas too. And it is applicable to a lot more than this one instance. I feel every person feels this way at some point. I've felt this way at several points in my life. This one was a whopper The greatest joys... Continue Reading →

Too Strong

This one centers around my mental stability, how I was suicidal, but I am extremely stable now. But it explains the amount of pain I felt post Trump. This one I feel is less dramatic, and more personal, and more accurate. It scared me. I built it too strong Now the door is shut My... Continue Reading →


A bit dramatic now, looking back at it, but hey, this is how I felt at the time. Still in the aftermath of Trump's election. Fallen to the floor I do not wish to stand My will is gone What fire I had is gone and I feel too much to stand I wish I... Continue Reading →


I stand Strong and stalwart Grinning, laughing Joking, smiling But inside it festers A fear lingers And grows And manifests I fall Broken Lost and afraid Crying, weeping Losing hope I wrote this very shortly after learning Trump was going to be president. It is not only how I felt, but literal in almost every... Continue Reading →


I stare down at the shards I had fought so hard The life I gained Priceless Beautiful, rich, beyond compare Gone I stare down at the shards Taken was my hard earned prize I fought years and years for that What would I fight for now? I could gather the pieces and rebuild Or enter... Continue Reading →

I can see your face

I wrote this one as a mixture of seeing people's reactions to me walking down the street while holding another man's hand, and the daily reactions I get while wearing a rainbow bracelet. As you try to say I love you You look away, avert your gaze Filled with distaste Fear and hate You say... Continue Reading →

Shut up already

Bit frustrated at the Church today, with its release of its new website, I wrote this. Even though I have already left. You have nothing to add, But hurt, And pain. So shut up. Nothing to change, Just the same words. Different wrapping. No place. No home. Shut up. Daggers in my heart, I... Continue Reading →

Sunday Thoughts

Thoughts from this morning. My siblings are off at church, and I’m home alone thinking. Dangerous hobby, I know. But I thought about how God and the LGBT community both have used the rainbow as a symbol. It interested me, especially since I’m not keen on coincidences. I researched it, and it turns out there... Continue Reading →

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