Innocence lost

When we were children, There were monsters in our closets, At our windows, Waiting in the dark. Now we are older Outgrowing such notions- There is nothing in the dark Waiting to eat us. I am scared of the light. As I have grown I have learned of nightmares Far worse than those in the... Continue Reading →


A Song to the Fallen

A song to the fallen, The lost and the broken. A song to those who are gone. All I can say is we miss you, And love you, And are sorry for the pain You endured. I know I'm one man Secluded, Alone. I may never have known you But I've cried for you. I... Continue Reading →


One step, And I forget it all. One step, And my whole body follows: Moving awkwardly, like a drowning llama. It doesn't matter. I close my eyes A smile on my face. Floundering around the floor In my mind's eye a picture of perfect grace Dances through my tight quarters. My muscles slowly relax, I... Continue Reading →


The hole inside, An empty scar Bleeding darkness. Maybe it's something you never used to see But it was always there. It's nothing new, has never healed. The difference between now and then, Is wearing the scar as a sign of pride. All that pain, All that sorrow I face head on. I have learned... Continue Reading →

Broken Hearts

Another broken heart. What have I done? Yet another person scarred Wounded. Forever damaged. By me. I don't understand. How could I have done that. I never meant to hurt him. I really do care, Just not enough, I guess. What is this elusive thing People call love? I hear it whispered, but it's beyond... Continue Reading →

The Walk to Life

The walk to life Was not that far. I made it out as long and hard. Really though, A single step. I often say It was 21 years. Truthfully, it took a second. A second to throw away Everything I learned, In those 21 long years. A second to realize. All I had to do... Continue Reading →

A New Smile

I've been hiding for a long time. Not behind someone or something else, Behind another me. But change comes. Change is bright. Like a sand storm, It polishes the desert clean To start anew. My life is fresh again, Where I stand is all new And yet I hung on to that old me. To... Continue Reading →

A Cobweb

Glimmering against The black night sky Shimmering contrasts Uncertainty   One of my favorites, even if it is really short.

Pieces on the Floor

My life, Shattered. I wish I could say more, But something inside me is broken. A single act, Thousands of people; Each a knife in my heart. My life, Shattered. I am angry, furious. But their hate, their ignorance, cannot be mine. I pick up the pieces Still sobbing. Each cuts me again as I... Continue Reading →

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