Burning within A secret to tear the world apart A secret that claims love and makes hate Burning. To let it out is to have the world turn, Take heed and fear. Scream it from the rooftops, The windows, The very edges of the world. Free of the great burden carried all these years Laugh... Continue Reading →


Beauty of the Unknown

Mysteries of the universe Never quite unfolding Constantly explored, explained and described Sometimes turned into a truth, New and bold. But time burns the old truth away And a new 'truth' takes it's place. Where went the days when we sat in wonder, Staring at the night sky, Amazed at it's vastness, Uncomprehending. Religion, science,... Continue Reading →


Dating? Awkward, I don't want to, don't make me. Endless excuses, A veritable torrent trying to escape. Everyone around me, constantly dating, seeking attention. I sit alone. I go alone. Travelling, changing, a moment of truth. Dating? Lets try this again, amazing and wide eyed, I dive into a world of wonder. Falling and falling... Continue Reading →


A balancing act the universe plays, keeping us in check. Finally free of one disaster slapped with another.


Reaching, Stretching, Climbing, Becoming. One step at a time, closer to the goal. Life transforms, A dream come true. Wake up. Nothing is quite as imagined, Dreams forget the bad, Only holding the good, Reality, is a mix.

I Don’t Know

Life changing words, Opening you to a new world, Where every opinion matters, And every voice is important. When you admit you are flawed, You become capable, Of love.

Innocence lost

When we were children, There were monsters in our closets, At our windows, Waiting in the dark. Now we are older Outgrowing such notions- There is nothing in the dark Waiting to eat us. I am scared of the light. As I have grown I have learned of nightmares Far worse than those in the... Continue Reading →

A Song to the Fallen

A song to the fallen, The lost and the broken. A song to those who are gone. All I can say is we miss you, And love you, And are sorry for the pain You endured. I know I'm one man Secluded, Alone. I may never have known you But I've cried for you. I... Continue Reading →

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