The hole inside,
An empty scar
Bleeding darkness.

Maybe it’s something you never used to see
But it was always there.
It’s nothing new, has never healed.

The difference between now and then,
Is wearing the scar as a sign of pride.

All that pain,
All that sorrow
I face head on.

I have learned that darkness isn’t something that can be beaten
It doesn’t go away,
You can’t hold it at bay.

The sun rises and sets
Darkness comes and goes.
It happens,
That’s life.
We can’t always have light.
But we can surround ourselves with darkness.
We can build walls, and cage ourselves in
Bury ourselves and block out the light when it does come.

I stepped away from your shelter.
I went to feel the sun on my face,
The breeze through my hair,
Rain on my hands.
Man wasn’t made to live in a cage

I tore out the darkness in my heart and wore it on my sleeve
A sign of all those years:
Hiding in the dark.
I walked into the light,
Brave new world.

I want you to know,
When I seem empty and broken,
It’s not because I’m out,
It’s not because I have walked away from all that you have taught me
It’s because I walk in the light.
It’s because I see all the people hiding their faces from wonders,
It’s because I see horrors and atrocities in the world because people don’t see.
It’s because in one way or another we are all born within walls,
And the world has turned their backs on happiness itself.

I’m broken because I don’t have the words to describe what I see and feel to you
You continue on your course, struggling blind in the dark.
The worst part is when everyone claims they have the light in their own little hut.
Artificial lighting may let you see, but it doesn’t bring life.

Open the door.
Walk outside
Feel the sun,
The breeze,
Rain dripping down.
Walk through the forests and the mountains,
Dip your feet in the ocean.
Outside even the darkness is filled with stars.

I know you don’t trust me:
I showed my bleeding darkness.
But don’t forget,
You have a scar of your own.


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