The Walk to Life

IMG_3376The walk to life
Was not that far.
I made it out as long and hard.
Really though,
A single step.

I often say
It was 21 years.
Truthfully, it took a second.
A second to throw away
Everything I learned,
In those 21 long years.

A second to realize.

All I had to do was drive by my own compass.

A second to change course,
Take control,
And drive my own life.

A second,
To leave the beaten path.
And then my life began.

All these years walking on that dirt path
Thinking the next twist or turn,
Would finally give the vista
I so yearned to see.
But a single step off the path,
My beaten bruised and bloody feet
Sang for joy
As they felt the grass.

I can still walk towards that mountain peak,
I can still press forwards,
But each step I take I enjoy the journey.
On the walk to life.


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