The Walk to Life

The walk to life Was not that far. I made it out as long and hard. Really though, A single step. I often say It was 21 years. Truthfully, it took a second. A second to throw away Everything I learned, In those 21 long years. A second to realize. All I had to do... Continue Reading →


A New Smile

I've been hiding for a long time. Not behind someone or something else, Behind another me. But change comes. Change is bright. Like a sand storm, It polishes the desert clean To start anew. My life is fresh again, Where I stand is all new And yet I hung on to that old me. To... Continue Reading →

A Cobweb

Glimmering against The black night sky Shimmering contrasts Uncertainty   One of my favorites, even if it is really short.

Pieces on the Floor

My life, Shattered. I wish I could say more, But something inside me is broken. A single act, Thousands of people; Each a knife in my heart. My life, Shattered. I am angry, furious. But their hate, their ignorance, cannot be mine. I pick up the pieces Still sobbing. Each cuts me again as I... Continue Reading →

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