A bit dramatic now, looking back at it, but hey, this is how I felt at the time. Still in the aftermath of Trump’s election.

Fallen to the floor
I do not wish to stand
My will is gone
What fire I had is gone
and I feel too much to stand
I wish I could go back
To that time without feeling
That time of numbness

Too much too much
I cannot bear
at least then I had hope
Now I am without
Despair, pain and anguish
Filling the hole

If only if only
I had something else to fill the hole with
but my hands are weak
I cannot grasp hope
or happiness, peace
of even complacency
it slips away
shattering on the floor
a million shards
reflectining what I held
What gave me the greatest
moments I ever had
but now I fear will not return

That prize I fought and won
is gone
I am without
for what do I now fight?
why do I go on?
There is nothing but darkness
yet I must walk on


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