Too Strong

This one centers around my mental stability, how I was suicidal, but I am extremely stable now. But it explains the amount of pain I felt post Trump. This one I feel is less dramatic, and more personal, and more accurate. It scared me.

I built it too strong
Now the door is shut
My shelter become
My prison
My safety now suffocating
Trapped in walls of my own making
I press against the walls
I pound against the floor
But it is no longer weak
No longer flimsy
I must press on through the fear
Through the terror
Yet I weep on the floor
Crying for escape
As the walls close in

My body is too weak to break through the walls
My mind will not let me go to the earth
The door has been shut from without

So I lay, staring at the ceiling,
Wishing I could see the stars
Seeing nothing but darkness


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