I bounce around
Bother my sister
I share my energy and excitement
I reach out to my friends grinning with glee
Wrapping myself in warmth
The holidays surround me
For once I really feel them

Is this why people like them?
Is this what people talk of?
Of course there’s the drama,
The gifts, and the wrapping
Work getting busier,
Awkward family, and all that jazz

But I don’t have that in my life
Just the season–
My job ends before Christmas,
A Christmas without gifts

No obligations
Just celebration
My heart is filled with happiness
I feel I could burst

For every reaction
An opposite
And this is the opposite of the election

Thanksgiving is over
And it was short
But beautiful
I loved it
Family, friends, came together

I got my first card of the season today
It made me so happy
It was a letter heralding a season of acceptance
Reminding me of my rebirth
It told of how they had heard of me
And how they loved and supported me
Then moved on to talk of normal things
Without a second thought

I set up my Christmas tree today
Lights and ornaments
Each one a memory
Some store bought,
But each with a story

Often when I write
It is of sadness
Of heartache
Now it is of beauty
And I cry because
I am overcome
What a wonderful season

This year I have so much
So much gratitude
So much to celebrate
The season has begun
And I’m so glad it has
For I will spend every minute
Celebrating how lucky I am


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