Who is God?
Is he man?
Is he more?
A being?
Or three?
An ideal?
Or emotion?

Who is God?
Is he our father?
Or is he a she?
Or is she a they?
Or is they an it?

Who is God?
All seeing?
All knowing?
Or simply what we make of him,
What we tell him?

Who is God?
In our lives is it us?
Or is it another?
Who rules us?
Men, ourselves, or the world around us?

Where is God?
In us?
Or without?

If God is in us,
Does he make us think?
Love, not justify?
Teach us how to explore,
Rather than to walk in the lines?

If God is without,
Does he shine light on the world
Heal the sick?
Touch each life?
Answer each prayer?

Is God without?
Or is he within?
Must he be within?
Or is it a choice?
Is God (in) you?


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