I stand Strong and stalwart Grinning, laughing Joking, smiling But inside it festers A fear lingers And grows And manifests I fall Broken Lost and afraid Crying, weeping Losing hope I wrote this very shortly after learning Trump was going to be president. It is not only how I felt, but literal in almost every... Continue Reading →



I stare down at the shards I had fought so hard The life I gained Priceless Beautiful, rich, beyond compare Gone I stare down at the shards Taken was my hard earned prize I fought years and years for that What would I fight for now? I could gather the pieces and rebuild Or enter... Continue Reading →

I can see your face

I wrote this one as a mixture of seeing people's reactions to me walking down the street while holding another man's hand, and the daily reactions I get while wearing a rainbow bracelet. As you try to say I love you You look away, avert your gaze Filled with distaste Fear and hate You say... Continue Reading →

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