Sunday Thoughts

Thoughts from this morning. My siblings are off at church, and I’m home alone thinking. Dangerous hobby, I know. But I thought about how God and the LGBT community both have used the rainbow as a symbol. It interested me, especially since I’m not keen on coincidences. I researched it, and it turns out there isn’t a direct connection. However, I still think it was an inspired choice from the LGBT community, and here’s why.

First off, several people have described God, angels, and others with that glory of light, but that light being as a rainbow. One reference uses imagery that specifically refers back to Noah’s ark, specifying the angel was in a cloud (Revelations 10:1). Now think about it for a moment, God’s glory is as a rainbow? Seems a bit, well, gay. Ahem. Anyways, moving on.

When God put the rainbow in the sky, he said it was a promise to us that he would not destroy the earth again with a flood. It was a promise of peace. It would continue to occur, as a reminder to God, of this covenant. Interestingly enough though, there came with this a directive from God-to not shed the blood of animals unnecessarily, and an injunction against the shedding of man’s blood.

Now here is where it gets interesting. Over the course of human history, there have been occasions and instances where the LGBT community has been accepted, but more often than not they are persecuted, rejected, relegated to second class/discriminated against, or just flat out killed.

So the origins of the rainbow flag for the LGBT community was piecing together aspects of who they were, what made them special. As a whole it becomes a cry for peace. It becomes the banner angels and God himself have carried to symbolize that they are at peace with man. And really, that’s all the LGBT community is asking–that the war ends. That everyone gets an equal chance. That no one is seen as lesser, or different. It’s just love. Simple as that. We don’t want to ruin your life, just improve ours. Only pride would see our progress as a threat.

People can be shocked at the idea that gay people can be Christian, but we’ve been flying His colors this entire time. Why didn’t you remember?


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