A language for those without a voice, Those who have seen beyond the mortal And scream out to share what they have seen. Words are never enough. Another form, A fourth dimension That sometimes Ever so slightly Opens a window to the world they see.


Someone worth saying hello to

Moments in life Tucked 'way in plain sight Paths cross Unblinking, We walk on. Moments in life Shining bright Paths cross And we meet Someone worth saying hello to.

The darkness I see

The darkness I see Isn't a lack of light Or the symbolic darkness of anger or hate It's a darkness no one sees Insidious and secretive Caused by the very act of not being seen It is the darkness of the world behind you Of being blind to everything but what you are staring at... Continue Reading →


Pulsing, beating An uncontrolled beat at the heart of the world Giving rhythm to our movements Turning our lives into a dance. Each finds the beat on their own, Each hears a different rhythm, Each dances the same, empty waltz. We all yearn to find our match, Striving to find the person in step with... Continue Reading →


I spent my life searching for the perfect me, Unearthing this, burying that. I spent my life building a perfect me, Shaping and molding myself into the perfect boy. I spent my life on this quest, tilting at windmills. And only after I failed, Only after I realized a windmill would never topple to a... Continue Reading →


Why do we fight? Each swipe we take leaves us bare: Retaliation always comes, Another line of red across our chest. No war is without casualties The innocent bystanders Drawn in and slaughtered. No one is smiling when the war is done. Parents weep for lost children Friends try in vain to repair friendships Those... Continue Reading →


Burning within A secret to tear the world apart A secret that claims love and makes hate Burning. To let it out is to have the world turn, Take heed and fear. Scream it from the rooftops, The windows, The very edges of the world. Free of the great burden carried all these years Laugh... Continue Reading →

Beauty of the Unknown

Mysteries of the universe Never quite unfolding Constantly explored, explained and described Sometimes turned into a truth, New and bold. But time burns the old truth away And a new 'truth' takes it's place. Where went the days when we sat in wonder, Staring at the night sky, Amazed at it's vastness, Uncomprehending. Religion, science,... Continue Reading →


Dating? Awkward, I don't want to, don't make me. Endless excuses, A veritable torrent trying to escape. Everyone around me, constantly dating, seeking attention. I sit alone. I go alone. Travelling, changing, a moment of truth. Dating? Lets try this again, amazing and wide eyed, I dive into a world of wonder. Falling and falling... Continue Reading →

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